Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see and purchase a Firminator G-3?
At this time Ranews Outdoor equipment sells direct from our manufacturing facility in Milner Ga. We are beginning first steps to develop dealership relationships across the country. We will update the site as these locations are established. In the interim, we can put you in touch with an existing customer who would be happy to show you their Firminator, and give you honest feedback on how it works for them.

How much do they weigh?
Our ATV model weighs over 800 pounds, our six footer weighs between 1450 and 1750 depending on options, and our eight footer weighs almost 2200 pounds!

How big of a tractor do I need to pull each size?
ROE currently offers Firminators to fit tractors from less than 20hp to 150hp. Please contact us so we can help you decide which machine suits your needs best.

What sizes of seed will the metering system handle?
The Accu-Seed metering system will open from zero to 1" in diameter. So if opened just slightly, the smallest of clover seed will accurately meter out and at the largest setting even bulky seed such as sunflower will flow nicely. A list of seeds that are proven to work in The Firminator are: clover, alfalfa, chicory, all brassicas, all turf grass seed, wheat, oats, peas, soybeans, corn, sunflower, switchgrass, millet, and many others.

How does the seed system work?
The Accu-Seed system is ground driven through a chain and sprocket drive, enclosed within the frame. The system is engaged and dis-engaged very simply by a pin that is pulled and turned one-quarter of a turn and released. This allows a hub to be driven by the chain that turns the stainless steel metering shaft running through the metering cups.

How does The Firminator control planting depth?
There are 2 fundamental ways to plant seed with Firminator and FirmiSeeder. When planting small seeds that need to be placed within the top quarter inch of soil, it is recommended to disk the soil thoroughly through selected disk angles and disk depth. Then prior to seeding, the unit should be tilted back through adjusting the top link so that the disks are not contacting the soil. This will allow only the cultipackers to operate and a pass across the field to firm up the seed bed prior to seeding can be performed. Then by simply engaging the metering system a final seeding pass will precisely drop the seed onto the firm seed bed while the cultipackers press the seed into the soil for perfect seed placement. The second method for larger seed is to disk thoroughly as mentioned above, then by moving the disk beams back to a more conservative angle (10-15 degrees) a final pass which allows you to do a final disking which is not "rolling" soil, but is fine-cutting and leveling meanwhile the seed is being metered out and covered by some soil that the disks are throwing, and finally the cultipackers are crushing clods, firming the soil, covering seed and pressing for fantastic seed/soil contact and elimination of air pockets. The depth of the disk adjustment on this one pass will help determine seed planting depth.

Is The Firminator G-3 a drill?
The short answer to that is no. The unit is designed to allow a user to conventionally till the soil through various disk adjustments to match the soil type, amount of ground litter, and degree of preparation. Then when the site is adequately prepared, the seed system will meter out seed to plant on the surface or with soil coverage depending on the chosen seed. Finally the cultipacker is used at various steps to break down soil clods, eliminate air space and firm the seed bed for optimum seed to soil contact. As mentioned above, the cultipacker is utilized both before and after planting based on the seed size and depth requirement. However, The Firminator can be used in a minimal till or no-till type procedure. By setting both the disk beam angles and the disking depth, the user can cut through vegetation or other ground litter without disturbing existing forages or soil structure to prevent erosion or loss of ground moisture, while at the same time allow the seed to meter out and fall across the width of the unit, then allowing the cultipacker to press these openings back together and seal up the soil and firm it down. Much of the seed that is dispersed will fall into the openings, while some will fall in between the 6" spaced cuts.

How do you adjust tillage function of The Firminator?
The two main operational adjustments are changing the angle of your disk beams from zero to 20 degrees and the "pitch" of the entire unit controlling the depth of the disk cut and/or the selection to cultipack independently from disking. The disk beams are pivoted in the center and adjust along a selection plate on the outside of the beam length. By pulling out a 3/4" pin (while the disks are off the ground) you simply push or pull the beam to the desired angle and replace the pin. The top link adjustment of your tractor, either manual or hydraulic, will change the "pitch" of the unit. The shorter you make the link length, the deeper you will disk. The longer the length the more weight is equaled out across the disks to the cultipacker. Further lengthening will pick the disks up off the soil and apply even more weight to the cultipackers.

What maintenance is there to do?
There are 3 grease requiring flange bearings on The Firminator G-3. Two at the cultipacker shaft ends and one on the small shaft protruding from the drive side leg. These should be greased at 20 hour intervals. There is also a chain tensioner inside the drive-side frame leg that keeps proper tension on the large chain that drives the seed metering system. Periodic checking of the tensioner and adjustment as necessary is recommended. This will require minimal attention after the chain breaks in within the first 50 hours of use. The bottom access cover protecting the under-side of the drive side leg should be removed occasionally to allow any dust, or debris that may collect inside the frame to escape. The disk axle bearing are triple-sealed replaceable bearings and do not require additional grease. Lastly, the plated seed metering bushings should not be lubricated with wet lubricants to keep gritty, abrasive material from collecting on them, but can be treated occasionally with powdered graphite as a dry lubricant.

Can I spread lime and fertilizer with The Firminator G-3?
While the seed metering system will allow you to spread pelletized lime and normal dry fertilizer, it is not recommended that it be done because of the abrasive and corrosive nature of these materials. If you choose to do this, immediate and thorough cleaning, then dry lubricating is advised to prevent corrosion.

Do you ever have any used units or demos for sale?
At times there are used units available that were either out on demos or were used for filming purposes and can't be sold as new. These units in the past have been sold in the fall of the year after the planting season is over. With the introduction of the new G-3 unit all previous remaining inventory has been sold. Check in the late Fall of the year for the possibility of used inventory.

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