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"I knew when I bought my new six foot Firminator (at the Quality Deer Management convention) last year that I had bought a quality machine. What I didn't realize was that I also got a first class company and that companies employees to go along with that machine anytime I needed them. Here at Cedar Ridge Plantation we have a lot of equipment. We have several John Deere tractors, grain drills, and just about every other type of farm equipment you might need to manage 4000 acres of quality wildlife habitat. Of all the farm equipment that we own none even come close to what your company brings to the table as far as service. As far as my Firminator goes, what an amazing piece of equipment. That piece of equipment has allowed me to put food plots in places efficiently, that were next to impossible to do before. You should call the Firminator the "time machine". I now can go into a remote area with one piece of equipment and get the work done I used to do with four pieces of equipment. Doing work like that is not only fun but it is also fuel efficient and saves an enormous amount of time and money. Great job guys, keep up the good work and get busy designing something else we can use at our farm. Please feel free to use my name as a reference and if people want to see the type food plots your machine is capable of doing have them check out our website at Thank you again for a breath of fresh air in the quality of your product and the quality of your service."

Stu Lewis, Cedar Ridge Plantation LLC.

"The search for the ultimate food plot implement is over. The Firminator is hands down the most rugged, superior designed, heavy duty piece of equipment on the market."

Austin Delano
Food Plot & Habitat Consultant
Research and Development
Mossy Oak BioLogic

"In my business of operating a wildlife management business, it is important to be mobile and efficient. The Firminator allows me to minimize the amount of equipment that I need to haul from farm to farm by providing several implements in one. It has also proved to be well constructed, handling the use that it undergoes. The Firminator plants virtually any seed or seed blend within a well prepared seed bed at rates that provide optimal coverage minimizing seed loss. Overall, The Firminator is a quality implement that has proved very beneficial for me."

-Michael Grassley, Plots Plus Of The Midwest, LLC, 816-724-0546 grassdawg24[at]yahoo[dot]com

"We have looked at a lot of different foodplot management implements. The Firminator fulfilled all our requirements in one implement.If you are serious about wildlife management, you want The Firminator."

-Steve & Ginger Coone, Zeigler Land and Timber, Mayday, GA

"I had the pleasure of using the 6' Firminator this past fall. To say this was the best piece of plotting equipment I have ever seen would be a huge understatement. The Firminator is built better than any other food plot implement I have ever seen. We used it in some of the hardest roughest dirt in North America. I had my doubts as we began and the unit was taking a pretty good beating, but Tom said "carry on, it will be fine". Well, I did and it was. You can do just about anything with the Firminator. We used it to disc up a 3 acre plot that I had been over 3 times with a 10' disc. I wish I hadn't wasted my time with the big disc, because the Firminator did more in one pass than my disc did in 3!! It's amazing how aggressive this thing can be when you set it to the max cut! We have been doing food plots for several years, but this is the first year we actually had some really nice plots. I attribute 100% of our success to the Firminator. Especially considering we went 63 days after planting before we had a rain. You cannot go wrong with the Firminator. I promise it will be the best money you have ever spent if you are in the food plotting business. Feel free to call me with questions or to see pictures of our plots."

-Matt Duffy, Manager, The Country Lodge

"Dear Mr. Yancy,
I would like to express my satisfaction with your service; although I was skeptical at first when I heard the manufacturing had changed hands. I am here to state that the that "Firminator G-3" is all it is built up to be. Ranew's Equipment goes above and beyond to insure your satisfaction. Thank you for making my job easier. The only fault is that it works so well, we have expanded our food plots and created more work for ourselves!"

Artie Cipoletti, Wantagh, NY

"The Firminator did in one year what we had being unable to do in the 2 previous years. After purchasing 1600 acres of pasture and creek ground we knew that our #1 goal in deer management was to establish food plots. I purchased various attachments for ATV's and even a soil condition for our skid steer loader and nothing worked. Then we purchased the 6ft Firminator and the rest is history! The flexibility of being able to operate as a no-till (which is key in Ws Kansas due to limit rainfall) or to be aggressive in the disking up of existing native grasses have given us they key to successful flood plots. The Firminator came ready to use and that is what we have done! I only wish I would have found this first!"

-Trent Richmond, The Springs, LLC, NW Kansas

"If you are serious about food plots and deer management, the The Firminator is for you. It has top of the line quality, durability, and performance. I manage over 50 food plots on 17,000 plus acres, and they are all done with the Cadillac of food plot implements- "The Firminator."

-Ben Conn; Food Plot Manager, Head Guide of Central Illinois Outfitters at "The Grigsby".

"The Firminator is the finest food plot unit on the market today."

-Charlie Alsheimer; Northern Field Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine.

"I have seen most if not all of the present ATV and small tractor combination tillage and seeding food plot tools in action. The Firminator rated among the best. I especially liked the seed distribution and seeding rate control of The Firminator. It reminded me of the more sophisticated drills and tillage tools used by professional farmers."

-Ed Spinazzola; Renowned Speaker, Authority on Food Plots, Author of "Ultimate Deer Food Plots".

"Finally there is a food plot implement that has the backbone to handle rough planting conditions and the ability to plant precisely at the proper rate. We have used the Firminator on rough cut-over land to start establishing food plots and used on areas that have been established with wonderful results. We have planted chufas, clover, and several different blends which have all been successful. We have sprayed and killed bahai grass and sown clover and chicory right through the dead sod and have gotten great stands. Being able to adjust the Firminator to operate in a "no-till" type function really has conserved soil moisture and allows good soil-seed contact which results in great germination. A very durable, well-made piece of equipment."

-Bobby Harrell; Wildlife and Forestry Manager, Low-Country, SC

"In my business time is money. The six-foot Firminator is one of the finest food plot implements I have ever used. Its practical design allows me to take one implement into the field for the entire planting process. Gone for good are the aggravations of hooking up multiple implements and wasting time driving each one out to remote food plots. I find the exact seed metering system especially handy while planting today's complex seed blends allowing me to sow exactly the right amount of seed no matter how fast I'm driving."

-Neil Dougherty; Operations Manager, North Country Whitetails, Habitat Management Specialist, Whitetail Institute of North America.

"As part of our new Right-of Ways for Wildlife Program, we purchased a Firminator to plant food plots and other wildlife benefiting vegetative covers on our power line rights-of-way. The Firminator's versatility, ease of use, and solid construction make it a perfect fit for these applications."

-Tim Hayes; Sr. Environmental Scientist, Cinergy Corp.

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Ranew's Outdoor Equipment offers the ideal equipment to make your food plot planting easier and more effective. The Firminator is an the best all-around piece of equipment for hunting food plots and deer management. Ranew's is ready to serve all your hunting and agriculture needs across the USA and abroad. Today, Ranew's headquarters stands on the original two acre tract acquired for the move to Milner. In addition, the surrounding 30+ acres were acquired over the years and are now the home of three manufacturing divisions, a warehouse, 60+ dedicated employees and a customer base which includes local, state, national and international companies.

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